OUR SERVICES GETTING THE BEST FOR OUR CLIENTS COMES FIRST Kronos optimizes a steady flow of Goods through a network of transport links and storage nodes, which affords our clients good transportation costs and rates

For Logistics to run efficiently, distribution systems have to be properly managed and configured to serve the consumers needs and wants. The main processes involve order processing, warehousing, and transportation. We optimize transportation processes to deliver faster and cheaper




In International Logistics Management we manage the chain: from point of origin to distribution. The products we know today are often the result of complex movement of parts, materials and finished goods all over the world. These supply chains cover the entire track: from raw materials, through production and distribution, into the hands of the customer. This means we have to understand customer service and marketing perspectives, as well as sourcing, production, distribution, information technology and finance. At Kronos we know how to make sure that supply chains work to achieve the company’s goals making our Clients happy.


The main fields of logistics that we cater to are:

  • Procurement logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • After-sales logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Global logistics
  • Domestics logistics
  • Asset Control Logistics



Order processing is a sequential process involving: processing withdrawal list, picking (selective removal of items from loading units), sorting (assembling items based on destination), package formation (weighting, labelling and packing), order consolidation (gathering packages into loading units for transportation, control and bill of lading).



Handling systems include: trans-pallet handlers, counterweight handler, retractable mast handler, bilateral handlers, trilateral handlers, AGV and stacker handlers. Storage systems include: pile stocking, cell racks (either static or movable), cantilever racks and gravity racks. Picking can be both manual or automated


In Logistics Management configuration means solving a number of interrelated technical-economic problems: dimensioning rack cells, choosing a palletizing method (manual or through robots), rack dimensioning and design, number of racks, number and typology of retrieval systems (e.g. stacker cranes). Some important constraints have to be satisfied: fork and load beams resistance to bending and proper placement of sprinklers. As International Logistics Managers we always  organise people and products to move at the right time, in the right direction at optimal cost. Continuously balancing Time, Service and Cost to meet your customers demand.

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