We at Kronos focus our attention on preventing any unscrupulous transactions or behaviour, ensuring all our Transport Suppliers receive full payment on time and even assist them with permits, diesel supply, and mechanical services and run the trucks as though they were part of our own fleet.

We run a state of the art Transportation Management software program, whereby we can at any given time of the day or night give clients updates on the status of loads in transit.

South Africa and the other SADEC countries are currently expanding their needs for reliable transport companies, and due to large truck fleet operators, demanding exorbitant rates, small to medium operators have the opportunity to get their foot in the door, on larger contracts. However companies needing transportation services do not wish to deal with 5 – 10 truck owners, hence Kronos has become the voice for the SMME Transporter as well as the Goods Owner through Partnerships.

Kronos Worldwide, is an Industry Leader in South Africa in our chosen sector, with spotters at all sites under our control, state of the art TMS (Transportation Management Systems), and constant contact with both the owner of the goods in transit as well as the transporter and his drivers.


With market conditions expected to see record demands in numerous cities throughout South Africa and other SADEC countries over the next ten years, Kronos has strategically situated itself to meet the demand, and has Border clearing agents at all the main points of entry into South Africa. We assist with “Bonded Warehouse” issues, arrange harbour permits, and have access to all major ports in South Africa, Mozambique, as well as Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya.

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